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Biometrie Exemption
28/10/2019 | Official communication from Capago


All applicants, 12 years and older, must appear in person to submit their applications and biometric data at our branches.

However, if you have obtained a previous Schengen visa in the last 5 years, and on that occasion your biometric data (fingerprint and photo) had been captured, you do not need to appear in person to submit your application.

You can make use of the Exemption courier application at the additional price of 590 rand and post your documents to our branch.


You are eligible to apply via courier when meeting the following requirements:

  • Currently hold a copy of the previous Schengen visa
  • Be sure the fingerprints were given in the last 5 years from the new request
  • No name change occurred in between the last visa obtained and the new request

Please note:
Biometric exemption and courier are only applicable to applicants currently residing in the jurisdiction of Cape Town Consulate (Western, Northern, Eastern Cape) with supporting residential documentation and intending to apply with the Capago branch in Cape Town ONLY.

Please note that the Consulate of Italy reserves the right to request new biometric data collection if the biometric data collected in the previous application is not re-usable.